Classic Series

  • Arctic Silver | Cuoio

  • Arctic Silver | Nero

  • Arctic Silver | Cuoio

  • Arctic Silver | Sterling

  • Black Pearl | Magnum

  • Black Pearl | Sabbia

  • Bourbon Sunset | Bourbon Vogue

  • Bourbon Sunset | Salmon

  • Divergent | Sterling

  • Dusk | Clifton

  • Dusk | Clifton

  • Dusk | Moro

  • Dusk | Nero

  • Eclipse | Perihelion

  • Slate | Bourbon Vogue

  • Slate | Grigio

  • Vintage Bourbon | Moro

  • Vintage Bourbon | Moro

Introducing our classic series.

A minimalist design inspired from history. We’ve dived deep into the history and beginning era of the wrist watch revolution. The wrist watch has been around since the 1810, however it was primarily popular among women. It was only until the Anglo Boer war and WW1 where the wrist watch emerged on men’s wrist. This era also marks the birth of the propeller aircraft where both the wrist watch and the aircraft were officially issued for use in WW1.

Our classic series watch design is inspired from one aircraft, the PZL P11. This Polish aircraft was unmistakably recognizable due to the shape of its wings. We strive to give off the same impression – unmistakably recognizable with our propeller inspired two sided second hand. Other elements such as the radial engine exhausts, propeller shape, the engine cowling and the wing profile were all used to influence design of the Colton James classic timepiece.

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